The time spent sleeping is unbeknownst to us,
We just remember going to bed when we are slumberous.

And then we wake up hours later – with a few fragmented dreams,
All that we are sure of – is of having applied night creams.

There is no proof of the promised rest,
I am not really overly suspicious, but who is to say if we even slept?

We pay for the sleep with our time, but get no receipt,
So, to really savor the ROI, I offer a tried and tested trick.

Of all the sleep phases, snoozing is the best,
Because while snoozing, I am fairly aware that I am at rest.

We really count the minutes when we pause the alarm,
We can truly measure the duration, while staying drowsy and warm.

Ideally, I’d want a trusted one,
To sit by me and time my sleep, until I’m done.

But that’s a little creepy and demanding, not to mention the challenges with its implementation every day,
Maybe I could ask for that gift on my next birthday?

Until then, I’ll just set an early alarm,
And snooze through the hours, weaving dreams with my unicorn-ish yarn!

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