Hey – do you know if there is a doc,
who can cure writer’s block?
I have been having no luck,
I’m stuck, really am stuck.

I have tried writing prompts,
And employed any number of tactics to get in the (writing) mood.
Because I really wanna write,
And would write if I could.

Also tried changing my writing spots,
And got through countless coffee pots,
Have stumbled upon some encouraging topics (feeling hopeful as I noodle),
But almost always end up with nothing but uninspiring doodles.

I implore you – don’t judge these dreadful, rhyming lines,
This urgent plea was drafted in a very short time.
So point me, please – to a doc of writer’s block or even to a questionable, might-just-work writing pill,
Folks, I’m serious, this call for help is not a drill!

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