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Making Friends With Salads

Salad, Salad,
Fresh and green
Free of sneaky sugar,
Free of whipped cream

I will munch on you
Day and night
When I am out on a date,
Or when I binge post a fight

Salad, Salad,
My colorful “silver bullet”
Together we can tame,
My unruly palate

You could be simple,
You could be elaborate
Anyhoo, I am gonna pile you up
On my green, portion-control plate

Salad, Salad,
Please join my team
I am gonna depend on you
To make me lean

You will keep me healthy,
You will keep me young,
But can’t you taste as good in my head,
As you do when you are on my tongue?

Salad, Salad,
Veggies and fruits
All sorts of leaves,
And all kinds of roots

Be my coach,
Keep me in line
To burn those pesky calories,
Can you, please, work overtime?

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  1. I want to join your salad team.:D And Happy New Year:)Now that you have started writing again, do make one more resolution to write more often this year.
    Also, keep munching.

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