A very good morning to all my free and fine friends who have not (yet) been seduced by the brilliant Netflix series ‘House of Cards’ (HOC), and a tired hello to all fellow binge-watchers who, like Gunjan and me, have put their lives on hold since the latest season (the fourth one in this unwholesome political drama) went live this last Friday (March 4, 2016).

You know, the reason to write this particular post is quite odd. I have been stirred into penning down this rather abrupt piece because I absolutely need to make this weekend a productive one. Here is a little background on this. These days, I travel a lot for work, and am home only for about three and a half days per week. Owing (chiefly) to this, my weekends fall in two extreme categories – awfully lazy or surpassingly crazy. Most of the February weekends fell in the latter bucket, though mostly (and thankfully) in a fun way. Anyway, I had ambitious plans to make this weekend a really productive one, and to tackle either a couple of weighty tasks or a series of lighter ones that have been threatening to push their way from my ‘to-do’ list to my ‘must-do-or-face-the-consequences’ list.

But alas! While formulating these elaborate plans, I was remiss not to factor the release of this new ‘House of Cards’ season that demands about thirteen hours of relentless watching to cover its thirteen mind-blowing episodes, with mandatory breaks to absorb all the shocks and schemes. If you have not watched HOC yet, you might judge me for being a crazy and undisciplined loser to allow my plans to go awry because of a mere series. Well, to you I say this: let’s talk about discipline and plans once you have made the journey to our side because you just won’t understand yet. I will say no more because I know we all take spoilers pretty seriously, and I am not prepared to lose my readers over spoilers. And if you are a fellow HOC watcher, succumbing to one grueling episode after another, I say this: it’s not really in our hands anymore, so let’s stop trying to restrain ourselves and just get this done. We made friends with the wrong sorts (The Underwoods) and are paying a hefty price for this thoughtlessly formed friendship.

Oh, how I loathe myself when, during my unguarded moments, I find myself secretly hoping for the success of the Underwood pair. Or when, inexplicably and shamefully charmed by their ruthlessness, manipulation, brilliance, hunger and utter disregard for other people’s lives and feelings, I revel in this maniacal couple’s unmerited achievements. Or when, instead of cursing Doug Stamper for being a heartless robot programmed to serve Francis Underwood at any cost, I applaud him for his fierce loyalty and countless schemes. Oh, the misery of it all – to watch Francis Underwood (excellently portrayed by Kevin Spacey) and Claire Underwood (superbly portrayed by Robin Wright) use and throw just about anybody as a pawn and exploit any event as a stepping stone to fulfil one of their many bold, depraved dreams, and to know that I shamelessly want them to go on!

We, the HOC viewers, have been sucked into this stupendous and merciless vortex and there isn’t much that we can do to crawl out of this trap. This post, however, is just a feeble fight that I am putting up to defend my noble, ‘productive’ plans that are halfway out of the window. I chose this method to fight back because the one thing that makes me feel really accomplished is seeing a new post on this dear website 🙂

Now, if you are thinking that this piece needed quite a few revisions before being published, I am totally with you on this one. But then, uh…well, Gunjan and I have paused after episode nine, and really must power through four more episodes before we can hope to get anything done this weekend. So please bear with the poor editing and crazy ranting, and allow us to get back to our binge-watching on Netflix. You have to understand that it’s out of our hands now.

Bye for now! Wishing you a happy and hopefully productive weekend!

Yours helplessly,
A die-hard HOC fan

P.S. I admit that it is quite ironical that my sole attempt to ward off this HOC-induced darkness involves a post about HOC itself, I don’t know what to say to that. I guess I am temporarily possessed by this brutal series.

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