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Month: October 2015

Pronunciation Bloopers – 2

All the encouragement that I received for my previous post Pronunciation Bloopers – 1 has spurred me to action, and so here is the second part in this series focusing on commonly mispronounced words. This post specifically deals with words related to food and cooking, and all things palatable and potable. I took all your suggestions to post this one promptly because these really are words that we use in our everyday conversations at homes, offices, restaurants, parties, everywhere.

Before I give you the list, let me share a little something. This Wednesday night, I had pizza for dinner. Even though the calorie-laden slices made me regret my dinner choice, my one solace was that I had pronounced it correctly (as we learnt about it in the first part). So you see, learning the correct pronunciations might help soften the blow of these dietary slip-ups. And since I am a tad conscious after my cheesy lapse, I will start this list with some healthy choices and then plunge in the calorie pool! I hope you all find this one useful too.

Word Comment on Pronunciation  Note
Quinoa [keen-wah, kee-noh-uh] Mishi – Very difficult to resist starting with “qui” as in quick
Raspberry [raz-ber-ee, -buh-ree, rahz-], not rasp-berry Mishi – Ah, I keep forgetting this one
Salmon [sam-uh n] Mishi – Yeah, the “L” is to be ignored
Almond [ah-muh nd or am-uh nd], not al-muhnd Mishi – As in salmon, ignore the “L”
Shea [shee, shey], not shee-aa Mishi – I hear this more often in the cosmetics stores than in the grocery stores 🙂
Cheddar [ched-er], not shed-er Mishi – Start with ch as in check, not sh as in shed
Steak steyk, not steek Sumit- One leads to another
Mishi – If the waiter doesn’t get it, your steak is at stake – so remember to pronounce this one as stake 😉
Chow mein [chou meyn] Mishi – The “chow” part is easy, just remember not to end it with an abrupt “min”
Provolone [proh-vuh-loh-nee] Mishi – End it with “lo(h)ny”, not “loan”
Tortilla tawr-tee-uh, not tawr-tilla Mishi – No idea what’s with these food words and their step-treatment towards the letter “L”, but it is to be ignored here too

Happy Weekend, Friends!

How do you enjoy cheese the most?


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Pronunciation Bloopers – 1

This is part 1 of a collaborative effort to consolidate some of the words that trip us and our friends – either due to their unintuitive pronunciations or because the mispronounced words are so deeply embedded in our vernacular that the correct utterances grate on our ears. Many of my friends are contributing to a google sheet to make this collection as exhaustive as possible, and to help us all improve…day by day, word by word. We are also sharing our thoughts/struggles/frustrations/hopes/jokes in the ‘Note’ column to make this an enjoyable class. Please feel free to share your “tripping words” in the comments section, and I will be happy to publish them in one of the subsequent posts. Thanks to all my friends who have given me the liberty to share their words here, and thanks to all the readers too. And I welcome you to this fun class where all the harassed students double as the harassing teachers! 😀

P.S. Native speakers of English might find this to be an extremely stupid endeavor. Nevertheless, you are welcome either to contribute/correct us or to enjoy some other posts on this website! 🙂 Also, keep in mind that the emphasis is on highlighting the part(s) of the words that are commonly enunciated incorrectly.

Word Comment on Pronunciation Note
Chic ‘Sheek’ Mishi – Not ‘chick’, not ‘cheek’, not ‘shick’
Reservoir [re-zer-whar] not voir Sumit – thanks to my English teacher in school who first told me this
Gross gros, not ‘graus’ Sumit – learnt this very recently
Gourmet goor-mey Sumit – the T is silent! and yes I love food
Monk Pronounced as ‘munk’, not ‘maunk’ Mishi – The ‘munk’ who sold his Ferrari
Pizza Peet-suh’, not ‘Piz-za’ Mishi – mispronounced at an alarming rate during parties
Mandatory manda-tory’ or ‘manda-taury’, not ‘manda-tary’ Mishi – finally mastered this
Assume Pronounced with s, not z; and oo, not yu Mishi – Uhh
Worcestershire [woo s-ter-sheer, -sher] Sumit – a totally different pronunciation from what the letters suggest
Consume(r) Pronounced with s, not z; and oo, not yu Mishi – Uhh

Have a beautiful day!

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