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Winter is Coming!

Hello Friends!

As the second half of the fall semester begins from tomorrow (er, today), this post is an attempt to stretch the so-called extremely-mini break to its maximum possible length. Allow the soon-to-be swamped student to wring an extra hour or two of breathing time before getting lost in the usual graduate-level pandemonium! 🙂

Okay, first of all, I am extremely sorry for tricking you into reading this post by using the tempting quote from Game of Thrones
as its title. As must be clear from the image below, this post has absolutely nothing to do with GOT – apart from the fact that its author is as eagerly awaiting Season 5 as the reader! 🙂 But if the literal meaning of the quote is considered, I can be spared – because in Pittsburgh, winter does seem to be approaching at quite a disturbingly rapid pace.

My tolerance for cold is not something I am proud of – though I manage to survive by burying myself under every imaginable winter wear. To aggravate the impending misery, Pittsburgh (PA) is infamous for its merciless cold, thundering winds and relentless snow. And if the weather of every city could be assigned a gender, Pittsburgh weather, given its whimsical temperament, would definitely be a girl. Yes, the weather forecast applications have a hard time keeping up with the moody climate and the denizens have an even harder time deciding their attire for the day.

And to add to all this, there’s this totally uncooperative equation [C/5 = (F-32)/9] to convert temperatures between degree Celsius and degree Fahrenheit. Before you think that I am blabbering random stuff and cribbing about anything to do with temperatures, allow me to explain myself.

So here’s the thing: In India, we always express and discuss temperatures in degree Celsius. Having grown up using this unit, we Indians have trained ourselves to simultaneously imagine the temperature we are talking about. It’s like, you say 40 degree Celsius and I will raise my hand to wipe my brow. You say 2 degree Celsius and I will pull the sheet a little closer – it is like a reflex action. But here in US, it’s Fahrenheit all the way, which leaves me quite disoriented at times. And the conversion not being a matter of a quick multiplication or division (as is the case with miles and kilometers or pounds and kilograms), it requires a conscious effort to gauge the weather if the temperature is expressed in degree Fahrenheit.

You may think that that is quite a load of rant about a simple thing – but trust me it’s not. You really don’t want to be ill-equipped or freezing or sweating, just because nobody could figure out a better relationship between the two units. So as always, Gunjan (hubby dearest) came to my rescue and created a little something to help me arrive instantly at a ballpark temperature figure before I step out of the house.

Here’s the graph that he has created using Microsoft Excel:

What's It Like Today?

What’s It Like Today?

The intuitively color-coded legend and the easy-to-read plot does a wonderful job of enlightening me everyday. This simple graph has made me “weather-wise” and I feel a lot more confident due to this latest addition to my winter-kit. And yes, it’s not everyday that you receive such a meaningful and personalized gift – so that’s another factor that is gonna add to the warmth this winter! 🙂

Please feel free to download this image and use it for quick reference if your weather-sense is as orthodox and inflexible as mine.Have a beautiful winter! 🙂

P.S.: I do realize that one could easily change the setting in the weather forecast application to set the desired unit. It’s just that something like this comes in very handy when the news channels and the newspapers and everyone around you are all Fahrenheit fans. You definitely do not want to be either clueless or totally out of sync!



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  1. Haha, we generally are a moody lot, aren’t we? 🙂 I don’t have to worry about staying warm this year, as I have a beautiful red scarf knitted by my beautiful friend Michelle to keep me cozy. Thank you so much! 🙂

  2. Haaahaha PA’s gender is female because its weather is whimsical. 🙂

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