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Month: April 2011

“Can be able to” is grammatically wrong!

“Can be able to” is one of the widely used phrases whose origin remains unknown! Somebody must have cooked it up when drunk. Guys, it’s just wrong. “Be able to” and “can” – both convey the ability to do something. Combining the two into a single phrase is outrageous! Let’s not use it AT ALL!! You’ve got to choose one of them. And if you wanna convey a feeling of doubt about someone’s ability, you can write: “may/might be able to”. And if somebody challenges you to use “can” and “be able to” together, then…well, you might use “can be made able to” just to outwit them! Otherwise, these two just don’t go well together!

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Loath and Loathe don’t mean the same thing!

Loath (adj) : unwilling; reluctant; disinclined; averse
Example: to be loath to go for a morning walk!

Loathe (verb, used with object) : hate; abhor; dislike extremely
Example: I loathe hypocrites.

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A Night to Remember – 2nd April, 2011!

A week’s gone by since the night the whole nation was thrown in a state of euphoric excitement, when the Indian Team gave us all the joy of our lives with that magnificent World Cup win over Sri Lanka… but the jubilation continues still…
The whole affair has been extensively covered by the media, in every possible way! So, obviously, you won’t find any novel piece of information here…Just a few pithy proverbs to sum it all up!
Just wanted to post something about our super-awesome cricket team…so that many years down the line, I can read this post and relive some of the moments that are so, so hard to come by! 
Winners make it happen, losers let it happen!
World Cup, 2011: Some people dream of success while others wake up and achieve it! 
Indian Team:- Putting your best foot forward!
Batting:- The whole is greater than the sum of its parts!
Bowling:- A problem shared is a problem halved!
Fielding:- Many hands make light work!
Gary Kirsten:- He doesn’t boast who does the most!
Sachin Tendulkar:- Ability can take you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there! / Nothing succeeds like success!
MS Dhoni:- Nothing ventured. nothing gained! / There’s a method in his madness!

Yuvraj Singh:- Cometh the hour, cometh the man! (in almost every game!)
Virendra Sehwag:- Well begun is half done!
Zaheer Khan:- What can’t be cured must be endured..(by the other teams!)

Harbhajan Singn:- Prior preparation prevents poor performance!
Munaf Patel:- All’s well that ends well!
Suresh Raina:- Mighty oaks from little acorns grow!
Virat Kohli:- It is through the small things we do that we learn, not the big things!

Ashwin:- The key to all action lies in belief!

Gautam Gambhir:- In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity!
Ashish Nehra:- Some days you get the bear, other days the bear gets you!

Piyush Chawla:- If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem!
Yusuf Pathan:- All sizzle and no steak!

Sreesanth:- There’s none so deaf as those who will not hear!

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Improve and Improvise aren’t interchangeable!

improve: advance, increase, amend, enhance, accelerate, become better and so on.

improvise:to compose and perform or deliver without previous preparation; extemporize: to improvise a dance performance
to compose, play, recite, or sing (verse, music, etc.) on the spur of the moment.
to make, provide, or arrange from whatever materials are readily available: We improvised a dinner from yesterday’s leftovers.

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Truly, NOT Truely!

truly: exactly; accurately; correctly,really; genuinely; authentically and so on.
truely: It doesn’t mean anything – just a common misspelling.

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Return/Reply, NOT Return Back/Reply Back!

The phrase “we returned” conveys that “we went (somewhere) and came back”. Using “we returned back” would, in a way, mean “we went and came back back” which (hopefully) isn’t the message! It’s simply redundant and should be strictly avoided.

Similar is the case with with “reply”. “I replied to his letter” suffices to convey that I wrote a letter in reply to his letter. Saying “I replied back to his letter” is again redundant (and weird)!

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Yours truly, NOT Your’s truly!

yours: It is the possessive pronoun version of “you”. (The way “his/her” is for “he/she”.)

your’s: It means “Your is” or “Your has” which obviously doesn’t make sense! 

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Grateful, NOT Greatful!

grateful: grateful  means feeling or showing gratitude or feeling thankful.
greatful: It doesn’t mean anything! It’s just a spelling mistake.

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You either “take” a bus to some place or you “board” a bus.

The phrase “to catch a bus” is used at times, though it doesn’t sound very refined. But we’re simply not equipped to “climb/climb on” a bus!

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