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Me and Meri Navratri Maggi

Do u wanna know something silly??
A flock of people whom i consider to be extremely lucky are the ones who get their “Me and Meri _____ Maggi” stories printed on the Maggi packet.
If you ask me, that’s what real stardom is all about! I mean, who doesn’t know about Maggi? It’s like a unifying force, like a thread connecting countless hearts (or maybe, tongues?), like a yummy shrine to which we all get (happily) drawn to like a herd of possessed swine! 🙂
It’s an addiction, a habit, a ritual, a…well, words fail me. But then, we all know what it really is.
And to be able to share your Maggi story through Maggi with all the Maggi lovers out there – WOW! i think it’s quite a feat and it fascinates me no end.

And on more than a few occasions, I have fancied about giving it a shot. But then, let’s be realistic. I mean, what are the odds of it actually getting published on that sacred yellow wrapper? 🙁
Well, I needn’t elaborate on that. Nevertheless, the obsession remains – with Maggi as well as with its familiar, promising pack.

And today, when i do have a special story to share, I thought I shouldn’t give it a miss. I mean, a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush, right?
(I agree that it isn’t always the case. But then, in this particular instance, i am absolutely clueless as to the location of the bush, the path leading to the bush is strewed with bottlenecks and no matter how many birds to be found in that bush, i know each and every one of them is unattainable for me)
So even though I get to share it with only a few Maggi fans and even though my Maggi story is posted on my blog and does not adorn that much-coveted packet space, yet it’s some solace to see it here.

So here it is – Me and Meri Navratri Maggi Story!

My dearest friend Nimisha and I had observed a fast this navratri and it was quite a nice experience! As it was the ninth day of Dushera today, we were supposed to end the fast this morning. But Nimisha couldn’t consume non-veg even today (came to know about this only yesterday night 🙁 ) and so we obviously considered it quite pointless to go out or even place an order for home delivery.
(Sorry, no offence to vegetarians but that’s the way it works for us – especially after such a long period of abstinence!)
So today being a Saturday, we were both dawdling away the morning in bed, feeling not the least bit excited about the much awaited completion of the fast, our taste buds chiding us for our betrayal and we, quite defenseless against the rebuke.

And then it suddenly struck me and I exclaimed “Maggi!!!”
Without wasting a single second, both us friends were up and about, super-active, totally rejuvenated!
Chopped onions, tomatoes and green chillies and sautéed them, added the tangy Maggi taste-make, water and noodles and our yummy, ever-dependable Maggi was ready in no time!!
(Thanks to Shelly Bhabhi for sharing this mouth-watering recipe!)
And how we devoured it all in a revered silence!!!
A delicious end to an auspicios phase…right, folks? 🙂

(Please feel free to share your story about our favorite Maggi here, through your comments! After all, the location of that bush remains elusive for all of us, isn’t it? )

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  1. I know, Shikhi! It was our midnight snacks/dinner on so many nights at VIT! I heard that people were hoarding the packets once Maggi was available again – and can’t really blame them 🙂 I am so happy that you enjoyed the article! Lots of love!

  2. Now I want to eat it right away…you know after The ban on Maggi was lifted it was made available on snapdeal….it was Sold out within few mins…that is the craze and love for it….aaj to hum bhi maggi khayege…very well written Mishi !

  3. Lol…such a cute comment…Thanks Akshat! 🙂

  4. Akshat Srivastava

    November 19, 2015 at 9:38 am

    Hats off to Mishi, Maggi n Mesmerizing story…

  5. Haha…Thanks Bhabhi! Wouldn’t accuse you of cheating…main aapki bhaavnaayon ko samajh jaati! 😀 I am really happy to see you here and glad you enjoyed the article. FDA-approved maggi packets are available here now – so we are relishing our favorite maggi again!! :):)

  6. Well portrayed Meens! Praised ur each n every gems like words…was about to type, “how a smallest thing can be portrayed in such an amazing manner…” but jus peeped at all comments and came across Nimi’s….Thank God! din type…ni to aap bolti “bhabhi :(, ye cheating hai”. nwayz, really a dhaasu article! Time to switch over to Ramdev Baba ka Aata Noodles! All the best wishes to Babaji! Fingers crossed :):):)

  7. @abhishek bhaiya: thanks a lot!!!

  8. evn whn i seldom eat maggi quite in while…
    the blog is amazinnly written,carrying every minute details of happiness tasty maggi gives, n ghoosh!!all of a sudden flash,i was in my vit hostl rum eating maggi wth friends..!!!
    cheers meenakshi,ur blogs rocks!

  9. @niru: Wo!! you really make up for missing the earlier posts by posting such a cute comment on this one!! :):) thank u so much!!! :):) glad u read…and loved it too! 🙂 and anytime is maggi time so next time, don u worry about what other sane ppl do!! cuz we all love maggi insanely!!! 🙂

  10. @kush bhaiya: thanks :):) will always remember how u and luv bhaiya used to divide maggi…one would divide and the other would choose after weighing both the bowls in hand!! :-P:-P that's y i always prepare one packet at a time!! no scope of cheating!! 😀

  11. cutie…(ppl unaccustomed to this particular way of referrin to friends-"pls ignore")..ur blogs r totally the best…
    am literally sittin here in the dark(no power thanx to the uninvited shower of rain),searchin for the right keys on the keyboard in an attempt to post an appropriate comment singin laurels bout this particular post!!!!!
    i wil never forgive myself for being such a bum n not having read ur blog…wil never happen again…can assure u that….!!!!:):):)
    right now as i write this its rainin outside n am cravin for maggi….but alas its way too early in the morn(time wen no sane person wud make maggi esp wen the reason for their sudden irresistible pang of hunger being their friend's superbly interestin n deliciously mouth watering blog!!!!)…!!maybe some other day!!!:P:P:P

  12. mishi.. badi gajab ki bhook lagi.. maggi chahiye abhi mujhe.. maggi noodles.. nice!!

  13. @drishti: thank a lot for reading and for your appreciation! 🙂

  14. meenakshi u r mindblowin.the flow of words and the correct way of metaphosrising maggie is worth commendable!!waiting to read more of ur upcoming blogs…. :))

  15. @vasu: obviously!! what else?? 😛 it's not as if you would choose "anonymous" instead of "google account" while signing in! right?? 😛 who can be that ignorant?? (btw, nice try! 😀 )

  16. hehe :-)i was just checking if u can find out if it was me or not!!! 😛

  17. @stuti: thank u so much dear for the appreciation! ya, cup maggi! it was quite a favorite…esp as a midnight snack! :)also, as a life-savior on those terrible exam nights!

    @anonymous: 😛 😛 vasu!!!! u did it again!! 😛 i am so proud of u! how do u really manage sweetie?? (do u want me to elaborate?? :-P)

    @tanya: thanks a lot dear!! plz do share at least one of your stories with us! we're all ears (and eyes!)! and about that novel stuff…well, let's just pretend that u never said that! 😛

  18. di…..Wow!! amazingly portrayed… 🙂
    mouth watering blog……i myself have a lot of me and my maggi stories..very frankly di u must right some novel or b ooks ur n awsome writer….

  19. wow mishi!!wonderfully put:-)
    @gunjan :sahi mein…:D:D

  20. i myself have a lot of me and my maggi stories..(which includes eating my maggi in a coffee mug cuz in hostel we dint have a plate!)but i cud never put the story so subtly and in such a sophisticated manner!:)

    love maggi fans and i feel there's this string connecting all the maggi lovers;)
    i can so relate to all that u have written! i had a happy experience..kudos!:)

  21. @gunjan: thanks a lot!!! cute hai naa??? mujhe bhi lagi!! :):) cuz we gals are soooo cute!! 😛 but meri maggi story nai publish karenge ye log :(:(

  22. Oh !! This is so cute !! You girls finally ate Maggi…. Awwww 🙂 🙂 Someone should take up this story with the marketing managers of Nestle . I can't imagine a better entry for their "Me and Meri Maggi story" !! 🙂
    Story good good good … Sales up up up 🙂

  23. @pramila: thanks sweetie!!! :):) lots!! 🙂 come over asap for a Maggi party! 🙂 you'll love it for sure! 😉

    @saloni: thanks a lot dear! 🙂 glad to see u here! 🙂 and apologies to all of u for nimisha's behavior…i know she has become obsessed with this blog..trying hard to restrain her from bullying everyone she knows into following it but haven't been successful so far 🙁

  24. being a maggi addict myself i can totally identify wd dis…bt seriously..start writing a novel…or i'll hav 2 ask nimi to stop makin maggi altogether!!!

  25. Wow!! amazingly portrayed… 🙂
    mouth watering blog.. 🙂 mujhe v yeh recipe wali maggi khani hai…. :):)

  26. Can't even force myself to log out from this page…To be frank enough, was sitting with this page open for around 15mins and reading it over an over again, still falling short of words…!!! simply extraordinary.. how a smallest thing can be portrayed in such an amazing manner… :):):)

  27. @nimi: cutie!!! :):) we'll surely remember this forever!! :):) but please hyper nai ho itni…plz… 🙁 haan…but this is so true…that the best part is that ur name is there in the post…right??? :):)

  28. Unbelievable…!!!! :):) Don't really know how to express myself….!!! was actually trembling while reading this.. u know it right..???
    u have made this "me and meri maggi" incident unforgettable…!!! will remember it for lifetime…!!! 🙂 🙂
    and sabse badi baat meri name hai iss post main …!!!
    This should definitely be printed on the yellow wrapper…!!!
    Cutie you are the best…!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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