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The Iron That Has Seen It All

This may seem an odd thing to write about but i am sure it’ll make perfect sense to the targeted group of readers viz. all my dearest hostel friends at my college VIT University, which will soon be my alma mater…(the very thought of this final goodbye is hurting like hell..)
And even if you’re not one of them, you can relate to it very well if you have been lucky enough to have spent 3-4 years of your life in a hostel and have made friends who make saying goodbye so so difficult…
So at a time like this, you can understand that there are so many people and things i want to write about. But words fall short to describe all that I’ve learnt and got in the last four years of my life. These unforgettable years have given me friends who make me feel as if I am the “Chosen One”. You don’t get luckier than this in friendship – I know this for sure!

This is a testimonial article about my iron, which has been an indispensable part of our hostel lives since the first year. It’s a simple, no-frills, elemental model from Philips. A steely base, a blue handle, a white knob, a red indicator and a white wire with a three-pin plug – that about sums it up. Told you, it’s pretty straightforward. So you might ask that what’s there in it to write about…
Well, i’ll answer that for you and then you can decide yourself if it deserves this token of thanks or not.

I am not an extrovert person and find it quite difficult to reach out to people. This simple appliance helped me during those initial days to make friends with people with whom i was later to develop a friendship for life. I used to lend it to the other girls in hostel and this got us talking. This simple need-based act paved the way for friendships that would later need no reason at all to sustain…

So all of us in our group shared this iron and everyone was fiercely protective about it too. You see, we weren’t allowed to keep these stuffs in hostel. Ask anyone who knows me really well and they’ll tell you that I am quite a law-abiding citizen but you can’t blame me for sneaking this one inside. I mean, how can you be expected to not have an iron in hostel?? It’s mindless to even think about that!
Well, so after availing its services, we used to hide it craftily under a heap of clothes or shove it in some corner or the other. It took a lot to keep it well-hidden from the watchful, scanning eyes of our wardens and supervisors who used to get a thrill out of seizing these so-called banned things. And we did quite a neat job out of it, given that it used to traverse rooms and even floors almost everyday and still managed to remain undetected!

It has been a testimony to the growth of our friendship…you could tell from the transition that took place in the way this sharing was carried out. Earlier, my friends use to message me sheepishly, asking if they could use it for a while. And after they were done, they would return it punctually, never forgetting to thank me for it.  As time passed by, it became “get the iron when you come”. Not very polite, but still, passable. The later years saw me rushing to their rooms with my rumpled clothes or meekly seeking their permission to borrow it for a while!

But most importantly, this iron of ours is entitled to this article (and much more) because it has been a participant of and a witness to the innumerable activities of the last four years which have made them so precious…the imperishable memories of our wonderful, cheerful, super-active, unimaginably enjoyable hostel life…

It saw us through the daily ironing for those killingly droning and some not so droning lectures…
It was there at our service when we got all dolled-up for those awesome treats – birthdays and anniversaries and results and commitments and siblings’ weddings and boyfriends’ accomplishments and friendships and no-reason treats…
It carefully and painstakingly ironed out each and every fold and crease and did its best to soothe our nerves on those dates, when we were oh-so-conscious…
It jumped out to us with frenzied speed (and heat) on those examination days, when our schedule used to be so over-stuffed that a mere minute or two was the max that this poor thing got to smoothen the crumpled garments…
It zealously celebrated the college-fest “Riviera” with us and helped us primp ourselves in trendy dresses, which further helped us to garner so many of those cherished pics!
It silently imparted its share of wishes and that much needed good luck charm to our formals during those anxious placement times and prayed for us…the way we did for each other…
It extended it’s ever-helpful hand (or should i say handle??) to us on our farewell day too, when we were all such a mess because we had to drape sarees and finally made us all look beautiful, gracious and lady-like…
It was there with us on those bad hair days when not a thing went right and helped us cheer up by donning some favorite t-shirt…

Ya, you got it right now!
Like my friends, who are there for me no matter what, this dear, devoted, vigilant and industrious tool has been with us through it all, seen us becoming the bestest of friends, sharing our joys and woes and never asking anything in return! Day after day, it proved itself to be a trusted friend…never betraying, never cranky, not even a bit demanding…It was just there!

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  1. @stuti: thank u so much dear!! 🙂 really miss those days…and the super fun we had!! 🙁

  2. oh-emm-jee! amazing thing to relate friendship with.i agree with each and every word of it.

    the emotions are just in the right place and makes me wipe my eyes in the end!:)
    very well written!

  3. @di: thank u so much!! 🙂

    @chotu di: thanks a lot! 🙂 but aise maha murkh jaisa comment publicly nai karte hain 🙁

  4. Misha m telling you…u r a stiff competition to the likes of chetan bhagat..Arvind adiga!! This is a brilliant piece..keep up the good work 🙂

  5. awwwww…its so cute!nd u write sooooo well!even am missing my very short lived hostel lyf….

  6. @kaustuv: totally agree! they were all public properties too 😀 but they were present in more numbers at least… this iron was the lone warrior!

    @nimi: thanks dear 🙂 really miss those days… haan, n i know ur very prompt n never too busy to read my posts… unlike kuksi! 😀

    @pramila: thanks dear 🙂 for ur comment n for always lending me ur iron too!

  7. Love d way u put it dear..:)
    missing hostel :(( in which a small thing like iron was so imp 4 all of us..

  8. huffffffff…!!! seriously can't believe someone can write so very "WELL"…!!! simply loved it…
    really this reminds me of coll. 🙁
    do miss u..sorry for not reading it earlier.. u know the reason unlike kuksi's.. 😛

  9. wat abt mobile, lappy, wrist watch, etcetra ???
    they must be feeling jealous… 🙂

  10. @cookie: thanks sweetie 🙂 ya..really miss those days 🙁 n u were the biggest bully ever…for the iron 😛 ya, n about not reading this earlier…well, i can answer that one for u 🙂 u were too busy roaming around with _______ 😀

  11. God…you write so well:)How come i didn't read this one earlier?Those were some days,really:)

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