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The Good, Old Mays…(Part-I)

The month of May…

It brings back the priceless memories of such blissful days. We used to have summer vacations during May and June and what fun we had! Two months of unadulterated joy!
I was hoping to immensely enjoy this last summer vacation of my life but it didn’t work out as planned and I’m stuck with my training now. There is lots to do and no matter how optimistically I think, a trip to my home doesn’t seem possible in the offing.

Consider this post to be a sorry attempt to recapture some of the key factors that made these two months such a favorite with all us children. I call it a sorry attempt because no number of words and posts can do justice to the memories of those joyful days. Yet, i wistfully try…

First, about the week just before the holidays began…

The teachers used to get busy competing with each other, as to who can give the longest list of holiday homeworks and we children? Oh, we would be too busy making “Happy Holidays” cards to worry about it then. The newfangled e-cards are great – I, myself, being a proponent of (:-P) but they come nowhere close to the fun and excitement we found in making those scores of holiday cards in school. Our creativity was pushed to the hilt. Papers, colors, scissors and all the paraphernalia related to card-making flew all around. They came in all shapes, sizes, color and quality (quite literally!) But it’s not as if you could simply pick up any one you  liked…No dear. Not so simple. There was a very complex priority order that had to be adhered to. And if you were to digress, matters could get really, really complicated. But we were all pros there! So generally, no such sentimental mayhems preceded the holidays. As a rule, the best of the lot was for your best-friend (you could even let her choose!), then came your favorite teacher, then your lunch-friends, then other friends, then other teachers, then classmates, then bus-friends…This is a generic picture…you could change the order a little…(really, it wasn’t that complicated either-we followed it quite effortlessly!)

Summer vacation was synonymous with so many lovable things…and one of them were Mangoes! Pulpy, juicy, luscious mangoes!! 🙂 How we loved feasting on them…

They say, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” I say, “Too bad, but I’m still thankful…’cuz mangoes do!” 🙂

Rightly crowned as the king of fruits, it used to be our staple diet for the vacation. Lichis, oranges and the throng of melons followed but mangoes beat them all by huge margins!

My cutest papa would get cartons and cartons of the best ones and stock the larder but the plenitude of mangoes was never an overwhelming issue for us. All of us used to rise up to the occasion and amongst us, handled the issue quite efficiently. Mangoes, mango shakes, guramma (a tangy chutney made from raw mangoes), pickles…we adeptly switched from one to another and were always ready for more! No “weighty” issues to make you feel guilty then…just slllluuurrrrrrppppppp!!! 🙂

(Sorry for the abrupt end…will wrap it up in the next post!)
To be continued…

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  1. @keerthana: thanks dear!! 🙂

  2. Dude..dint know u r such a prolific writer.!

  3. @pramila: thanks dear!! n mangoes are definitely a favorite with all of us 🙂

    @kaustuv: and we enjoyed being this way!! waise thanks for the appreciation 🙂

    @di: thank u so much!! glad ur reading my blog again 🙂 n i could never forget that dearly loved game!! next post may full description 🙂 n kitchen set was so much fun 🙂 i wanted you to enjoy too so i forced you to play 😛

    @gunjan: ooo…i know all about it!! but i couldn't have completed mine in 6 days 🙁 waise bhi i used to be sincere back then 😉

    @cookieeeeeeeeeeeeeee: o…did uncle really say that?? that's really encouraging!!! but it surely puts extra pressure on me too…i mean, if he'll be reading my posts, then i'll better post something worth reading 🙁

  4. I made babu read it and he is hugely impressed with the way you write..:):)He feels that you could choose another vocation..Give up being an engineer..writers are earning so much now and they also get to have a huge fan following.he means every word that i have written here. …..pragya

  5. May was particularly enjoyable for me. I would typically start my summer holidays with huge gusto and a mission to complete my holiday homework in a week. You know it made sense to finish everything and then start enjoying. It never worked out me though 😛 I ended up working on my holiday homework on the first three days of the vacation and then on the first three after the summer vacation 🙂

  6. hey shweety…dis is awesome.i dnt think any of us can even come close to describing summer holidays in the fashion u hv..but u forgot d numerous games we used to invent(kathin rasta…r top ranked game) nd ofcourse kitchen kitchen,which u forced us to play….nd also made us pretend that puffed rice was all-dal,rice,tea…which we actually had to eat in order to please u….[BULLY]!nd 20-25 games of ludo….

  7. hmmm… i think our (boys') summer vacations used to be quite different… specially the week before it… i can feel a huge disparity… probably coz boys r not that sentimental… i do not intent to say that you were wrong but we enjoyed being careless abt these things…

    And thats the difference we discussed in our chat… yours blogs reflect your sentiments… thats quite appreciable…

  8. Really summer vacations r memorable part of our student life..nd u describe it so well here.. 🙂
    I love mangoes too…undoubtedly best part of summer.. :))
    Waiting 4 partII…

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