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The Wonders of Shopping!

The best things in life,
Surely come for free,
But an exception to this rule,
Is a shopping spree!

But it’s cash well-spent,
Though it’s scorned by the gents,
They’re alien to the happiness,
We get from a much-envied new dress!

The ‘new arrivals’ section,
It surely beckons,
Clothes, shoes, bags & what-not,
We just love the whole lot!

Hang out with friends,
Find out the latest trends,
And even if you splurge hard,
Don’t fret!
Because it’s the best thing you can do with your credit card!

A sure-shot means,
To de-depress,
‘Cuz post the frolic,
You’re bound to worry less!

Use it at times,
To watch your waist-line,
When you don find it in your size,
Set the alarm for an early rise!

You can charm your heart-throb,
By getting a new wardrobe,
Do it again and again,
And never get bored!

So heed my advice,
To have a merry life,
Never ever cringe,
From a shopping binge!

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  1. Well this seems to be a beautiful and apt. justification of shopping hormones found in every girl….I think every girl should learn it word by word…would prove to be extremely useful

  2. I second everyone who has commented here. Too good, Mishi.
    Now, I know why girls like shopping so much. I've no issues until they can keep it to themselves. 😛

  3. cant tell you hw much i loved this one..couldn't agree more!

  4. never expected that you would write so well… really appreciable…

  5. haha mishi!!so so true….u reminded me of roald dahl's poem which we had in school…remember??it was equally witty n funny!!you're getting better each time!waiting eagerly for the next one!!!! :-):-)

  6. hmmm.. nice one.. :)) Lets go 4 shopping some time dear.. 🙂

  7. awesome.. mindblowing.. :):)
    u r just amazing.. too gud.. :):)
    seriously u write really really well
    me too luv shopping.. n can never get bored…
    @cookie : how can we forget her wardrobe.. one isn't sufficient for her.. :P:P

  8. these lines are amazing
    Hang out with friends
    Find out the latest trends.. luv shopping with friends.. when i'll cum to b'lore.. well go for shopping…heheheh

  9. you write so well..Too good:)

  10. A classic way to banish the blues…Right,mishi?:P(will always remember your overflowing wardrobe)

  11. And yeah .. Shopping is not frowned upon by all gents .. If you know what I mean 😉

  12. Lolzz .. Nice One !! Really funny .. I particularly liked the lines "when you don't find it in your size, set the alarm for an early rise"

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