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Balmy Bangalore!

The country’s all hotted up these days, speaking both literally and figuratively, what with the steadily rising mercury and the numerous piping hot news doing the rounds (the sordid IPL episode with all its muck and the melodramatic Shoaib-Sania affair-to name a few)!
These (metaphorically) boiling issues are obviously over-hyped and blown horribly out of proportions so that the paparazzi can earn a lot more than their usual bread ‘n’ butter. Unfortunate as it is, these so-called breaking ‘n’ shaking news are far too frequent to be paid much attention to.

But the sultry weather…God! you simply can’t ignore it.
It’s oppressive and sweltering and makes you feel so very hot under the collar (pun intended). Blame it on global warming (which, by the way, happens to be one of the favourites in the latest breaking news series!) or the zero tolerance and the whining nature of our generation or whatever, the fact remains that when it scalds, it burns…and it burn like hell…and it burns like it has never burnt before!

Having stayed in Vellore for the last three and a half years, I know only too well how it feels to be baked in a kiln. I guess people there should come with the label “sun-dried” or “to be stored above 43 degree Celsius”. It’s only April and the Sun God is already playing havoc in His little people’s lives and the horrendous conditions are likely to worsen during the forthcoming days. My friends and relatives residing in the different parts of the country have all become a harried lot – and I can’t blame them for their incessant cribbing. It isn’t pleasant being roasted alive.

During these torrid times, I just want to deliver a “Thank You” note to “Balmy Bangalore”…straight from my heart!
Sorry folks, it’s not to make you jealous or mock your plight. Having seen the worst of all, I wouldn’t even think of doing that. It’s just that it would be dashed too ungrateful on my part to not even acknowledge this rare and much-coveted gift.

Here, in Bangalore, it’s reasonably hot during the daytime and you wouldn’t venture out in the heat just like that. But once you step out of your office, you find that a fresh and breezy evening eagerly awaits you!
It blows away all your fatigue and troubles and makes you feel so light and perky!

The Wind God sends his dark and heavy clouds your way, with His best compliments, almost every evening and they are not of the type that just titillates and pass through, No, they are the promising ones that never disappoint. Be it a quick shower or a gale, they never fail! The fragrance of wet and soaked earth fills your nostrils and the upshot of it all is that the “dull-you” miraculously gets transformed into a totally-revived-and-galvanized-you!
And not to mention, an ultra-grateful-you too!

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  1. @gunjan: hey, thanks a lot! n it's not a bad idea.. u knw 😉 u'll really love it here!

  2. Waise .. Your description of Bangalore's weather actually makes me wanna quit my job and come there !! Your writing skills are improving with each new post !! Way to go !! 🙂

  3. So I guess Gurgaon is the only place at the receiving end of nature's wrath !! 🙁 Too hot, humid and dusty out here 🙁

  4. @ekta- 🙂 🙂
    @pixie- stop lying sweetie…i hv been there for 3 n a half years 🙂 i know it doesn't stay tht way for long! waise aapko to un "friends" k saath desert may bhi achcha lagega 😉
    @bhaiya: maybe u took a lil from here to there 🙂

  5. I reckon that the feel good factor has arrived from Bangalore to Kolkata too. The evenings are much better than what they were a week back (as per the information retrieved from my friend). It sizzles in the afternoon but drizzles during the evening. 🙂

  6. You won't believe this but even vellore is cool these days.:)The yellow flowers,the green trees,the glowing landscapes-our coll is a place of exquisite beauty….This all with the company of friends.:)haha

  7. i really agree wid u!!!! 🙂

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