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Hi, thanks for stopping by! The dictionary defines the idiom “The Aladdin’s Cave” as “a collection of interesting and beautiful objects”. Likewise, my website is a potpourri where you can browse and read from a variegated collection of articles on sundry subjects. Be prepared to stumble upon pieces ranging from noodles to analytics and from novels to friendships. Like what you read? Thanks a ton for being such a sweetheart. Don’t find it up to the mark? Well, blame it on back-breaking expectations ;) Jolly Reading!

“Miss You”

Beneath the shades of a raspberry tree,
amidst its fallen twigs, there’s no one but me,
the skies switch, to orange from blue,
the flaming red ball, says its adieu…

The mountains turn a dusky green,
the varied butterflies are no more to be seen,
the chirpy birds, and the satiny grass,
the babbling brook, rushing along the pass..

All these contrive on this balmy eve,
to draw out the sorrow, of a heart that grieves,
the pains that i strive to cloak with my smile,
are all the cause of these far-off miles…

The gentle breeze tugs deep at my heart,
this distance between us, tears me apart,
sad n dismayed, to the heavens i turn,
n humbly pray to the Powers that govern..

Must we suffer, must we pine?
to the mighty Fates, must we resign?
A sole wish mingles with the sun setting hue,
All i ask for, is a glimpse of you…

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  1. @all: thanks for the appreciation! 🙂

  2. its simply amazing awesome…!! don't have words to explain how excellent this one is…seriously phod di… :):)

  3. sweet….!!!…me likey!!! 😀

  4. totally brilliant! so nice to c that atleast 1 of us is so creative…misha keep posting more of these.

  5. where is the comment we are waiting for?:P:P
    Excellent one…How can yu be so brilliant at everything?:)

  6. Wo!!!!!!Thats my mishi…..!!awesome,innovative n fundoo poem…:):)

  7. hey awesome….shweety tum to shakespeare ho gayi…nd thanks 4 d dedication!i wish we cud b 2gether always…my kiddy sis:) LOL!;)

  8. Impressive.. Congrats on starting the blog.. 🙂

    Next time, something dedicated to me.. lol 😉

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