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Month: March 2010

Why Move MY Cheese??

Prefatory Note:
Presently, I am undergoing a six months training at Honeywell Technology Solutions, Bangalore. This training is a part of my curriculum at VIT University, Vellore where I am a final year student of B.Tech, Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Getting back on track, I would like to introduce you to the main motive behind writing this article.
( Well, just for the record, not every article that i write has a motive…so please don’t expect that! That’ll be putting too much pressure on a novice like me…It’s just that this one happens to have a motive! )

OK, without further ado. let me get started…
I read the popular and universal bible “Who Moved My Cheese?” by Spencer Johnson some three years back, without finding much to relate to it then. Don’t get me wrong, please! I am not saying that I didn’t appreciate the book. Just that that at the time, I was pretty cozy and comfy at VIT and except for the bally tests and assignments, life was pretty smooth. So u see, the mice n men in the book could not really get me to empathize with them.

But when I first joined here at Honeywell, everything was all new and huge and scary and incomprehensible – the way these firms generally appear in the beginning. I hadn’t the slightest clue as to why I was here! I was provided with a login ID and a system in which I was expected to log in and work (presumptuous!!!). If asked to describe my location w.r.t the main campus, it would be URA, 4th floor, P.T.Area (the blessed last seat at the P.T.Desk…:-) )

Let me decrypt that for u…
URA         – Uranus, the name of the building (yeah I know!! People here are kinda scientific!!)
4th floor    – Well, that’s just the usual thing. Nothing cryptic about it.
P.T. Area  – Project Trainee Area

So I have been at this location for the last 45 days or so…busy google-ing, struggling, kipping and even working (yes!! Finally started to get the flow of things and make myself useful :-P)
The floor and the people there, my system and my spot- all started to appear familiar and homey and the long list of complaints that I had from life (which had been significantly stretched because of the recent changes) had begin to recede rapidly. All in all, life had started to pick up a steady pace yet again…

But come 23rd March, 2010…and comes the dreaded movement of my dear cheese!!

My location was changed…
FROM : URA, 4th floor, P.T.Area
TO       : URA, 5th floor, P.T.Area

Reason : Well, my manager and my team sit on this darned floor…  🙁

Effect   : Ah…Where shall I begin???

This seemingly minor change has made my life difficult not by a very few degrees. I mean, my secluded, silent, snug spot has been replaced by one that’s just at the end of a passage with cubicles on both sides. It’s ruefully located at the entrance of the P.T.Area. There are eight trainees here and no matter whose manager or teammate walks in (unannounced, of course), mine will be the first system they’ll cast their benevolent eyes upon! Can u imagine that?? It means…adieu to the cheerful google-ing and blogging hours and adieu to all the solace and ease I had been enjoying till now.

So u see…this unexpected and rude relocation has been the source of understanding and today, I can totally sympathize (and empathize) with the poor souls – Sniff, Scurry, Hem and Haw (For the uninitiated, those four are the very mice and men I mentioned earlier, who are expected to adjust and adapt after their lives have been turned topsy-turvy in the motivational novel – Who Moved My Cheese?).
I feel the way they must have felt (maybe even strongly!) and all I wanna ask is :
Why Move My Cheese??
And if you must, then why not find a better spot??

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The Ides of March!!!

It’s the fifteenth of march today…”The Ides of March”…
And it makes me so nostalgic…

         A (very dear) friend of mine just reminded me about it and i was suddenly transported to around seven years back in time, when i was preparing for my boards…
        We had “Julius Caesar” in our course and i use to just love the play!!!
         The characters in this play are so forceful…the plot so thick and gory….the emotions so powerful…the death of Caesar so deplorable (when Brutus stabs him and he utters the words “Et tu Brute? Then fall, Caesar”…oh, it truly makes ur heart weep for him)…

All of it together simply makes u reel!!
“The Ides of March” was the fateful day when the Roman dictator Julius Caesar fell prey to the conspiracy of about sixty senators and was brutally stabbed (for the record, 23 times!) to death. Despite being warned about the ominous act by a soothsayer, Caesar chose to ignore the advice and consequently, was publicly and tragically slayed at the Roman Senate…and this momentous day paved the way for a bloody battle which was to change the face of the Roman rule, by serving as the beginning to the end of the Roman Republic.
And the speeches…you’ll just love them…
I can’t keep from especially mentioning the two pivotal speeches delivered by Brutus and Antony respectively, after the assassination of Caesar.
It’s that one speech of Brutus that acquits him of all the charges in the eyes of the reader, barring that one charge…that is, the betrayal of a trusting friend…
And it’s that one speech of Antony which makes him a total hit with the readers and his countrymen alike…and which starts the melee which is to end in a gruesome war…
The unforgettable characters in this novel are…
There is Julius Caesar, the high almighty ruler, who surely governs with an iron hand…
There is Marcus Brutus, the countryman…truly honorable..the patriotic element in him surpasses his sense of duty towards a dear friend..but at no point in the play, you feel animosity towards him…’cuz he inspires respect and is truly selfless and just…
There is the felonious Cassius…selfish, mean, scheming, vengeful, treacherous…u loathe him, curse him…but still give him credit for his bravery…
And finally, there’s the perfect friend, Mark Antony…a friend that not everyone can be worthy of…a friend who’ll not sit back till he has avenged the death of Caesar…no matter what the price for that…no matter how many lives are lost in the process…because for Antony, Caesar’s enemies are his enemies (whom he just can’t spare), Caesar’s kingdom is his very own (which he cannot let the assassins of Caesar rule) and Caesar’s revenge is his revenge…which he just cannot let go!
(Well..of course he was the perfect diplomat too and intended to capitalize hugely on Caesar’s death and the ensuing tumult…but let’s ignore that and just let him be Caesar’s faithful friend…i like it this way 🙂 )
All in all, a totally enthralling play which will make u a devoted fan of the genius that was “William Shakespeare” !!!
Hats off to you, Sir!

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“Miss You”

Beneath the shades of a raspberry tree,
amidst its fallen twigs, there’s no one but me,
the skies switch, to orange from blue,
the flaming red ball, says its adieu…

The mountains turn a dusky green,
the varied butterflies are no more to be seen,
the chirpy birds, and the satiny grass,
the babbling brook, rushing along the pass..

All these contrive on this balmy eve,
to draw out the sorrow, of a heart that grieves,
the pains that i strive to cloak with my smile,
are all the cause of these far-off miles…

The gentle breeze tugs deep at my heart,
this distance between us, tears me apart,
sad n dismayed, to the heavens i turn,
n humbly pray to the Powers that govern..

Must we suffer, must we pine?
to the mighty Fates, must we resign?
A sole wish mingles with the sun setting hue,
All i ask for, is a glimpse of you…

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